The thesis project - New Supportive Service System for New Digital Innovations- has been carried out during the last stage of the MDes. Sponsored by IBM and C4D (Centre for Competitive Design), and in partnership with IVHM and Boeing. The aim was to create proposals of new supportive service systems for new digital innovation in the health environment, taking as an example a new device underdevelopment in that time, which had to be able to monitor hydration with the aid of a sensor, and alert whenever the level falls below normal (for each individual user).


The aim of this research is identifying where, when and how a service provided by a device that captures parametric data in real time, can be more valuable for customers and organisations. Helping to establish smarter systems, by exchanging information of healtcare data and data about self-parameters in a secure way. The project consisted in developing visual tools, service proposals, and identificate key drivers to assist user journeys, and service touch-points. The result was to propose new scenarios of interconnected services for the upcoming technologies, which could led into new models for care and collaboration.