This project was send to ROCA DESIGN CONTEST 2013. The contest asked for new concepts and experiences inside the bathroom environment.


A new experience of bathing, by doing a synergy of the typical oriental and occidental bath taking as a core value a User-Centered Design, and Inclusive Design requirements. YOKU responds to user-hidden desires by delivering an interactive bath. The design incorporates a tablet able to identify who is coming into the bath. Through a simple gesture is identified and configured the user habits, such as the amount of water and temperature usually desired, and will be changed depending on daily temperature and year’s season. Also can be synchronized with a another smart device allowing to have the same features as in your smartphone. YOKU is also accessible for disable and elderly people thanks to a door placed just near the bench. Users do not have to wait long time for getting out of the bath thanks to a draining system underneath the first visible floor that absorbs water in a few minutes.